This Week's Highlight

This week’s highlight was for an existing customer following an extension to an already lovely home. With the two rooms connecting, the decision was made to flow the same flooring throughout both rooms. Moduleo Transform Classic Oak 24438 Luxury Vinyl Tiles were the choice, a timeless colour complimenting both the new and original architecture. The prep work was done using F-Ball’s stopgap 400 repair to make good some underlying cracks in the original floor. The next layer was again from F-Ball with their Stopgap Heavy Duty 300 self-smoothing compound providing the perfect canvas on which to lay the new floor. The new floor was straight laid flowing through both rooms with no need for a door bar or threshold between rooms. The final touch was Brockway’s Portofino Red Striped carpet to the stairs,

meeting the dining room and adding a stunning splash of colour to both areas. Overall, the finished floors left the new floors working in harmony with the old and blending beautifully into a new entertaining space.

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